we are an online journal that publishes ghosts and non-ghosts.

if you would like to remain anonymous a ghost # will be assigned to you to correspond to your work.

if you would like credit, you deserve credit.

we are open to all art.

things we like:

-poetry-short fiction-comics-creative non fiction-non fiction-photography-drawings-doodles-video-experimental work-pictures of ghosts-horoscopes-spiritual things-

most visual work will be featured on our instagram page, whereas the site is more for literary work.

we are not a horror site. we are open to all works.

LGBTQIA+ and POC artists are highly encouraged to submit.

please submit no more than six works at a time to

.docs are nice, but not necessary.

if we have featured your work in any regard, consider yourself a member of the South Broadway Ghost Society, and feel free to share that information with others as you see fit. that being said, if you choose to be anonymous, we do ask that you do not reveal your ghost # to others.

also, rules are made to be broken.


thank you.



unfortunately, we cannot pay contributors as of yet for their contributions.

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