it’s not enough until it hurts – sarah d.g. larue


spoiled privilege
down the drain with
chronic pain
typical jewish
virgo sun
control freak critic freak
freak freak
sag rising, flaky bitch
cancer moon, emo baby
for some tangy
twist of balance

hippie helper healer heart
princessy anxious
horizontal workaholic
crass asshole mind
bend-over-backwards stubborn
overlover and undersharer
with a body that just
won’t quit quitting
addicted to pain
killing with kindness
to everyone not-me

rage fills my mouth like blood
spills over without good reason
other than overlong suppression
an invisible inevitable dam burst

when can i soften
soften (and forgive)
soften (and forgive)

when can i feel
other than this pain

SBGS December

Sarah grew up singing, dancing, and making stories. After a few lifetimes of creative suppression, her inner child is back with a weird little vengeance. Poetry is where Sarah’s need to make things pretty tries to dance with her need to tell ugly truths. She believes in the healing power of friendship and the memo app on her phone. Facebook. Instagram.

Photo: Ameen Hussain Fahmy

illjusthideposterlargeSarah will be having a release party this Thursday December 13th at Syntax Physic Opera at 7pm for her new chapbook, “i’ll just hide until it’s perfect.”

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