girl gone – natalie sierra


Someone fed me nostalgia through a tube and I thanked him with my cunt
He said please can I have another but I was tired and turned into a bird
I am good at this
The milk pours cold into a glass reaching up to broken lips and checked by tongue
down a parched throat what a wholesome image I have created for you don’t you see
She strangled herself with a telephone wire and called the whole town to come over
The neighbors all agreed that the body didn’t even look dead
“She’s just resting.”
Find me online, find me on the flower, find me on the vine
In the night comprised of stars made of broken balloons
spill me across your pages, look at how pretty I can be for your gathered memory
Do you like me now? As a flown bird? As a compass removed from the magnetic pulse of
the earth a trembling needle spun backwards bent

I have not spoken to you
Dear Lost One, Dear Me, Dear Girl Gone Behind The Morning
I never have I never will not that I don’t seek you in gloaming trust in thankless dawn in the shower when I can hear myself think beneath drumming water though the neighbors peer at me through broken windows and thank me for sharing my broken cunt my feathers my lost girl porn poetics
I said thank you. I am good at this.

Natalie Sierra is an author and poet from Southern California where she attended Mt. San Antonio College. She is the author of two collections of poetry, Nadine: Love Songs for Demented Housewives, and Temblors. Her work has been featured in Her Heart Poetry, Quail Bell Magazine, Ink and Nebula, Fine Print Paper, and The Los Angeles Times. Natalie lives in Pomona, CA with her husband and three children.

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