two poems – graham irvin

braindead angels

heaven is full of braindead angels

a stork family craned their neck
the plywood marsh was salt ringed
home never made me a man
we were pushing dirt in jumping run
a wasp was dissected by a law degree
T was in a fight with everyone he knew
the world needed mercy like a canteen of piss
G was possessed by a bobcat
and only a shotgun could end it
he made more money in county
chirping like a pigeon to melanoma frogs
the jungle was a mine of pvc glue
positive energy keeps bleeding out


the circle k in jacksonville has suboxone for cheap

G turned cigarettes into a cockroach
his father’s casket was made of clay
the holes in my jeans were leaking gasoline
my stomach was a power station
we lived in a dirt dobber’s footprint
each breath screamed i miss you mama
the kioti diesel is an adequate revenge
i wanted to drown the sun in birthday balloons
i wanted to be just like the biggest disease
the swamp sold discount cilantro
my baby stomach pulled a vanishing act
T could make anything potable
there is nothing good worth saying
a spider bite is a kind of art
landscape is the only necessity
i can’t wait to disappear

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