Litany Found Near a Dumpster on Fire | Samuel J Fox

Photo Credit: Chris Liu-Beers

Who among us is not filthy with desire,

made bright by the burning in their fingertips

illuminous through the smoke issuing from where eyes wander?

Tonight, I am not certain if I will be alive long enough in this America to fall in love.

Who among my kind has not been lost in this city of syringe and scar

           has not wished to be found burning with song

           has not wanted, more than being alive, to belong?

Tomorrow there will be a war between who I was and who I am and who I want to be.

I hope to know whether my flesh is made perfect by its longing

            is made bundle of kindle for the spit

or         is made beautiful in its absence.

Here. Let me warm your hands enough to show you this burning country can be a terrific place.

Samuel J Fox is a bisexual poet and lyric/personal essayist living in North Carolina. He is poetry editor at Bending Genres; he is widely publishing in online and print journals. He can be found in coffee shops, perusing graveyards, or exploring dilapidated places. He and his work can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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