In My Forest | Sojourner “Hughes” Davidson

Image: Jez Timms

In My Forest

Even in light of all this good
I feel down
I have been opening my chest up
Letting all the creatures in
Trying to heal my aversion
To mycelium
I grow to reach another root
Become closer to another being

I don’t know if I search for the right thing
I am tethered to all my past mistakes
And rotten relationships
I try to make my roots grow out
And into the deep
Dark underground
Explore the things
That I only glimpse on the surface

The underground is terrifying
The place from which new life springs
Is not so easy to navigate
I am a labyrinth
Within a labyrinth
Trying to solve a beautiful puzzle
Always finding myself in the wrong place
And exactly where I should be

Sojourner “Hughes” Davidson is a poet based out of the DMV area. Their interest in poetry began in high school English and grew in college as they began reading and writing more poetry. As a college student, they had two poems published in my college’s lit mag (The Greenleaf Review) and worked as the art editor. Their work has also been published in Knee Brace Press. Hughes’ poetry tends to explore politics, identity, relationships, the mind, and the body. They try to bring everything back to the mind and the body. Hughes believes poetry is felt both emotionally and physically, and a poem is great when it reaches you in both places. Instagram

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