[ <3 ] MOUNTAIN SSS777 | Maura M. Modeya

Image: Carles Rabada

[ <3 ] MOUNTAIN SSS777

My hand is stable, as is the light
Pry my fingers when clouds
———-7 ——–consume your face!
& my devotion unspoilt as clear
GlaSs, gutted against your palm
Pets slow

On the kitchen island you
——— suck my terror out
——— suck my burden
&——- feed me to the wall

Spinning in this moment when you’re
really gripping, ———– jagged wind
outside. Blue Steller’s Jay flits
——————-7 ——-windowside
[my] knuckles inside you. [!]

Will you risk what you want
to give me? —– Will you be so
——————- dangerously generous?

From a hard ringing you find my disbelief
thick as blood. It flows as a current
I cannot move against.

I trace you with ice
throw the cube to the floor.

And more, we travel up lightly, crest into
Top-pond idyllic, ——–breathleSsly
A feverish container: stints
between delirium, ——-all our desires.

A few small rocks, placed
—————————–on a knee.

[Remember the way we slept folded & beaming
& tethered, then woke to show you my
eyelashes] ——7 ——–There are few things
I say I must see through, ——– to act the horse
throw myself.

How to get to the bottom of it: never
What survives a whirlwind: your world / maybe mine


Maura M. Modeya is a poet, performer, and professor from Bemidji, MN. She’s the author of Only Interested in Everything, a poetry chapbook published by Meekling Press. Before heading west, she lived in Chicago where she focused on live performance, as well as producing oddity and storytelling shows. Their work interests include delirium, sapphic ritual, eco-dykedom, the poetics of disruption, and public visual disruption through wheat pasting, stickering, spray painting, with other DIY modes. Beyond the page, she has curated poetry wheat paste installations of her own work as well as community poetic collaborations as an act of street publication. They hold an MFA in writing and poetics from Naropa University in Boulder, CO where they currently teach.

Find her on insta @down2theponywire or at her monthly queer poetry open mics typically held at Town Hall Collaborative.

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