She writes me recipes like love letters | Jordan Stanley

Image: Horvath Mark
Dress the table while I’m out 
with the cloth stitched in 
sideways sliced strawberries 
lay the sharpened swords 
whisking wands and Florida water
for the wrists 
for the three gallons of rain 
required to make one tomato as red 
and ready as this 

Mince each morsel of carrot 
into a carrier pigeon 
to the heart 
bearing blessings from 
your childhood table 
the one with the wobbly 
leg and Sunday paper stains 

Pick and sniff the peach peel 
under your fingernails 
like perfume and drain the 
French press slow 

Notice how a split open 
blood orange looks both 
like a pair of lungs and 
a pussy and recall 
there is more than one way 
to breathe 

Look at our life according 
to jars in cabinets 
emptied and stuffed 
with hours of ourselves 
homemade hand-pickled 
in a city where you see 
the seasons change not 
so much in the trees 
as in the coconut oil 
on our shelf 

Open your skull like a pomegranate
and rub your thumbs inside 
the ruby rind to remember 
you are not Persephone no 
you are only pleasure seeker 
with a mother 

Stuff your sharp tongue 
down in your lip like 
dip and let loose the licker 
that thrusts hungrily into 
the night sky like honey 
so sweet we rub it on 
our tongues on 
our wounds on 
the names of our lovers 

Breathe and let 500 butterflies 
fall out with wet wings beating 
against your molars and let your 
belly hang out and your bowls 
overflow and whisk me away 
whatever you do 
whisk me away 
with you 

Jordan Stanley (she/they) is a queer poet and content writer who loves to perform at open mics across Los Angeles where she now lives. She has pieced together her heart and found home in Boulder, CO; Brooklyn, NY; Boston, MA; Elon, NC; and Suffield, CT over the last 10 years. Follow her on Instagram @jaystanz for writing, sewing, cooking and baking enthusiasm.

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