Goddess Wept a Daydream | Lee Frankel-Goldwater

Image: Ksenia Yakovleva

Goddess Wept a Daydream
into echoes of silence and storm

Sarah danced through green grass
across a field, a river and rocky plains
gathered water from the well-springs,
bathed in starlight infused pools

Morsels of sweet grew on reeds
and beds made from its stalks
Beside the fresh baskets…
Fire spoke with moonlight
and sleep behind her eyes

Dreams of quiet leopards in the night
Raindrops petal upon thatch-top and stone
As light painted gently upon her eyes

Fresh air and dew
pooling water in baskets
whispers of times yet passed
the catch of small fish
she washed with root
and healed with twig
in devotion to spirit
and great grass sky

holding hands with the wind

Lee Frankel-Goldwater is a teacher and a poet seeking the sage’s path. He knows it’s about the journey, and yet dreams of the destination. One of peace, one of less fear, or worry, or shame for all. He believes there’s some good in this world worth fighting for, and prays that his every deed is made into this backdrop. Lee writes at the Writer’s Block, dances at Mi Chantli, and plays around Boulder, CO. He’s always ready for a story.

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