Call for Submissions: Body


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Photo: Nate Neelson

Why do you live in your body like you will be given another?

-Warsan Shire

For March of 2020, our journal is seeking writings of all kinds on the subject of “body.”

Bodies are strange things. We are not our bodies, yet these are our assigned experience vehicles. Bodies come in a captivating array of shapes, sizes and colors. The choices we make reflect in our bodies. Our bodies can even transform in so many ways.

We are seeking pieces that challenge the identity of a body. Work that questions and ponders what you’ve been told and what you’ve told yourself your body is or isn’t. Work that looks at what forms can and does a body take, even outside of humanity. We want intimacy, vulnerability and truth. We want to read about the journey your body is on in this world. Genre-bending, hybrid, and unconventional forms and concepts are encouraged.

Thank you for considering submitting to our March issue.

Please include the word “Body” in the subject of your submissions. You can find details on our submission guidelines here.

Deadline: March 27th, 2020