The Year Of The Rabbit | Ted Vaca

Image: Ella de Kross

The Year of the Rabbit

after the blast
or the fireworks on tv
after the kiss or the wish

to sleep eventually
in the den

the morning will come

that huge bright burning giant
will shine
as you are suppose to

in its glory you too will rise

you may shake
then scratch your head
rub your eyes
then open

what a place
we find ourselves on

this big blue and green
scream / a marble
what seems to be

in the blink of an eye

what are you to do
with it

(this is a question asked
with infinite possibilities)

go then now
and do it

do one

quick before the shadow
before the night or the day
for who knows
when you’ll go

best get a heads start
on it
best get to it
best go dancing
put on your super suit
and make your fate

to mean something
where we lie
stand in line
with chance


go be gifted is the line 
the rabbit races toward
if you can run alongside 
the hare
then learn learn it all
open the book that stands
green upon prairie
at dawn
nibble at it
share all you’ve read by others 
that have lifted
the pen the key the grass 
the thought 
the heavy dirty learning
with a dim lamp in the dusk 
yearning for life
go be a gift 
go be a being that lifts 
be akin
a family bearing gems
go be wild 
in life 
and in dreams

dare often as atoms that smash
go rise above the noise
go rise lift yourself up
to give ear
to 	your voice
your 	chance
your 	doing
your 	wish

you put forth
you pull forward

the universe lifts

Ted Vaca, Denver poet father lover crime fighter / semi holy somewhat sweet can be bitter / published here and there / Founder of The Mercury Cafe poetry slam / Coach of the 2006 Championship Denver Slam Team / Member of 1995 Championship slam team from Asheville NC / Intergalactic Provocateur