naked body – veronica love

Matt Clifford - Photo Credit Matt Diss ALOC Media

It sounded like she said,
“Every day when I get home, I find a naked body in the bed.”
And in this light, the lines on her face show the naked worry in her head
As I wonder if the body is awake or sleeping,
there is naked fear inside my chest
And the smell of the other’s cologne in the room is a validation of my dread.
We were always meant to be temporary,
But now I feel as though I am being bled
By a stranger,
One that I thought was a ghost.
A name no longer to be said,
A memory of what once was,
Between the one I love,
And the naked body in her bed.

20191206_175719_Film7Veronica Love is a writer of fiction, poetry and editorials. Her work has appeared in several literary journals including Page and Spine and Flash Fiction Addiction. She spends her free times traveling to places rich with culture, reading, writing and laughing. She is always on the lookout for a new and strange adventure and loves dancing in the rain.

Cover Photo: Jp Valery


ravenous – veronica love

Lips suck me in closer, as hungry hands met with hungry thoughts grab for a morsel when they crave a feast. Tempered by reality of the looming dawn and day and life and all that comes with being bogged down with that which cloys desire. A moment more.. Or two… Push back the need for separation, hold off on leaving the cornucopia for bread and water. Sirens sing of desire, though we see the rocks below, they still call, and gingerly we veer closer, pulled away last minute by reason when there is a longing to ride with reckless abandon the waves, and say damn we may…we may want to sleep beneath them, it may be worth the crash.. but last minute we steer away… And embrace the cliche of living to eat another day. One more kiss… Remind me of that I already miss..


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