December | 2022

Photo: Paolo Bendandi


Let Us Pray | reb
I am queer noir | Cipriano Ortega
The Mother of the Oxford English Dictionary | Allison Maschhoff
Pots & Pans | Zack Kopp
House of my Heart | Taylor Jones
A Special Place | Norbert Góra
Floor Bare | Jessica Rigney
Home | Caleb Ferganchick
House of Blues | Susan Carman
August a Place | Lori Brack
Days of Red and Gold & Lover’s Kaddish | David Estringel
Progress, Mexico | Dustin King
I Am Trying to Remember If I Married For Love | Kimberly Ann Priest
Suburban Mandala | Boyd Bauman
Portrait of a Bedroom Wall | Andrew Walker
The Idukki Dam | Anu Lal
Delayed Homecoming | Jayati Das
And if / Şi dacă | Mihai Eminescu (Translated by Cristina Bejan)
The Stars | Zack Kopp
The House We Build Together | Christopher Clauss