december edition / 2018

mirror 11
Noah Buscher


ghost #4 :: crew to sleep
alessandra ragusin :: chance the goldfish
sam pink :: three poems
megan heise :: in that pit
sarah d.g. larue :: it’s not enough until it hurts
the ghost of esperanza :: the postcard
ghost #11 :: healing projected
ghost #117 :: a word or two to
D.o.t.B. :: two poems
ahja fox :: three poems
natalie sierra :: girl gone
ingrid calderon :: two poems
ghost #206 :: now this one is about you
joshua espitia :: 11:58pm, our lady of the broken cup
sowa h. mrügar :: with or without penance
ghost #218 :: two poems



annette freeman :: silence
david atkinson :: a wink may be the same as a nod to a blind man, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to lend you his credit cards to get a bunch of new spongebob squarepants tattoos unless you’ve got some pretty serious collateral

red person
brian matta


brian matta :: paintings

1 horoscope
Josh Rangel


brice maiurro :: winter horoscopes

book review

seth berg :: review of mouth trap by rebbecca brown

South Broadway Ghost Society: 2018 in Review