February | 2023

Image: The Fairy Grotto, 1967


oscillating | Jeff Stonic
Stay, Illusion! | Liam Max Kelley
Pressing Leaves | Lyndsie Conklin
El Miembro Marchito | Amy Wray Irish
reasons for raisins | Jeffrey Spahr-Summers
Kodak Black Man Reads Poetry | Said Shaiye
Three Poems | Kate MacAlister
Ayuda | Michael Borth
A Wakeup Poem | John Grey
Hear Me Out | Sam Moe
Languishing | Eli Whittington
The Year of the Rabbit | Ted Vaca
Toads in Bermuda | Charlie Brice
Full Moon Reflecting off the Peaks | Donnie Hollingsworth
The Tyrant Smells Decay | Jen MacBain-Stephens
Firmament | Eric Ranaan Fischman
Acid Rain Epithalamium | Becca Downs
Two Poems | Richard Oyama


Call to Action | Stop the Killing of Wolves in Colorado