January | 2023

Image: Boston Public Library

A special shoutout to our guest editor, Josh Gaydos, for helping this edition come to life.


The Nuthatches | Tricia Knoll
her to my own | Devin Welch
Two Poems | Leor Feldman
Mein Traum / My Dream | Cristina A. Bejan
Two Poems | Robert Beveridge
Leather Gloves | Paul Ilechko
Untitled | Miriam Sagan
The Last Night Before I Bleed | Marissa Forbes
Lately Done, Lately Love | Josh Gaydos
A poem which may be mistaken for the thank you letter I read out loud to the funders of the prestigious fellowship I won last summer, a fellowship which did absolutely fuck all to save my Autistic Black Muslim Body from being interrogated by those CBP/TSA terrorists at the airport | Said Shaiye
Naked | Abhishek Todmal
2am Dances With My Father | Cid Galicia
April | Mickey Thompson
Teaching my (step)sister to smoke in the Taco Bell parking lot | Monica Fuglei
In My Forest | Sojourner “Hughes” Davidson
Two Poems | Julie Oldbury
A broken window-wind. | DS Maolalai
Until Death | Talya Jankovits
Letitia’s Memories | Sylvia Byrne Pollack
The moon | Steve Anc

Editor Interviews

Editor Interview | Josh Gaydos