Love Poems

Image: Worachat Sodsri

Love is a complex and beautiful thing, finding its way into just about every aspect of the human experience. Herein, we wanted to take a look at some of the love poems our journal has seen over the years, whether that love is love of self, love for another, erotic love, an ode to nature, a passionate letter to an inanimate object, heartbreak, longing, perhaps even a rage born out of love.

Lover’s Kaddish | David Estringel

Estringel’s poem intertwines a walk through nature with a deep feeling of longing for another.

I Am Trying To Remember if I Married for Love | Kimberly Ann Priest

From our anthology, Dwell: Poems About Home. Priest, witnessing a house in transition, meditates on love and marriage.

Naked Body | Veronica Love

In her poem, Love (appropriately named for the genre), considers if a sexual encounter meant something other than she originally thought.

Lali & The Void (A Love Story), or, He Gives Me Gifts | Yesica Mirambeaux

“Last night,” begins Mirambeaux’s poem, “I dreamed I had a torrid love affair with the void…”

The Moon | Steve Anc

Anc takes on a timeless poetic theme, an ode to the moon.

Lately Done, Lately Love | Josh Gaydos

Before becoming a guest editor for South Broadway Ghost Society, Josh Gaydos was a contributor. In his poem, Lately Done, Lately Love, Gaydos grieves the ending of a relationship.

A Winter’s Night | Varinia Rodriguez

Rodriguez’s poem is a love note to the power she holds within herself.

I Will Wait For You, Little Strawberry | Shelsea Ochoa

A nature poem. Ochoa shares the joy and passion of waiting for something worthwhile.

Fuck Yes! Souffle! | Kevin Quinn Marchman

Marchman presents a love poem to food and community in the form of a recipe.

For The Want of You | Liza Sparks

Sparks explores desire in “For The Want of You”

Made of Honor | December Lace

Lace recounts a wedding day (and a friendship) gone astray.

Unfolding | Mela Blust

Blust considers a transition in the relationship with her daughter.

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