march 2020 / the body edition

In March 2020, we called on our contributors to submit pieces on the theme of “body”. We received so many amazing submissions. Below are our selections for the month.

macro 4

Story ::

Terri Witek :: Dog Sons

Stina French :: Elegy for Silence

Shoshana Lovett-Graff :: Preheat

Amanda E.K. :: Temple of Christ

Sexualitatis :: Ian Williams

Amanda E.K. :: Diaries of a Lost Pregnancy

Addison Herron-Wheeler :: Body Sculpt: Suffer for Beauty

2 macro

Poetry ::

Morgan Ventura :: Cutting Bones

Leah Rogin-Roper :: Shrink

Martina Reisz Newberry :: Two Poems

Sarah Lilius :: The Hands That Caught Me


Zach Marcum :: popping knuckles doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you

Karen George :: Frida Kahlo’s The Wounded Deer, 1946

Matthew DeMarco :: Bodies in a Recession

Eden Axx :: Growl

Paula Bonnell :: Sex at the Airport

Susan Zeni :: Election Day

Alyssa Jordan :: For Your Peace of Mind

Sekeres Somersault
Ann Marie Sekeres

Art Features ::

Ann Marie Sekeres ::

Bill Wolak ::

Special thank you to our new editors, Erica Hoffmeister and Kali Heals, for being an integral part of making this issue a reality.