March + April | 2021 | Language of the Earth

Image: USGS

For March and April of 2021, our online journal published writings that speak the language of the bones, the dry-rot, the loam, the carcass, the sky, the sea. 

It is possible that these texts will back-talk, refusing to maintain innocence regarding the knowledge of the land. Or maybe the author’s voice cracks when the earth begins to pipe up. All refractions. Here you will find multi-genre creative work that is beginning a dialogue with our foundation and our origin. We hope you’ll feel the seismic ripples of their work.

-Chlöe Thompson, Editor


Alienor | LindaAnn Lo Schiavo
Suburban Garden Evicts Vegetables | Wendy BooydeGraaf
Prometheus Felled | Heather Bourbeau
The Beach Ritual | Mo Lynn Stoycoff
Natchez Steamboat Found in 2007, Honey Island | Heather Dobbins
They Tap Me on the Shoulder and Say They are Going to Ensure My Poverty Will Erase My Last Name and My Homeland Forever (But the Smiths and the Jones Will Live On) | Ron Riekki
Dreaming in the Kingdom of the Ants | Jason Ryberg
Three Poems | Michael Rerick
Now March Melts | Cassie Hottenstein
Not Human Hearted | Brian Rihlman
Two Poems | Cheryl Aguirre
Editorial Notes | Emma Ginader
Yesterday’s Return | Melody Wang
The Uncertainty of Our Futures | Caleb Ferganchick
After the rain | Sarah Russell
Shoshanah | Sarah LaRue
Naming Water | Carol Willette Bachofner
Rotting Eaves | Michael T. Young
Petrichor | Mārta Ziemelis
28 | Matt Clifford
[schema geometrica][Día de Los Muertos][CON JEFE CRUZ] | Dennis Hinrichsen

Image: Frog Concerto, Mark Blickley


An Army of Frogs | Mark Blickley
To Fly Away From Iowa Springs | Carson Schulte
To Dance Like a Peacock | Chitra Gopalakrishnan