Editorial Staff:

Link: A selection of interviews to get to know our editors better.

Emylee Frank (she/her) helps the Denver band Saeva write poems to the sky. Emylee also runs her own Astrology/Mystic theme Instagram, @eclipselunairee. The page is currently on hiatus while she works on improving its content. 

Kali Heals (they/them) is an Editor and does Community Outreach for South Broadway Ghost Society. They are a multi-genre writer, performer and activist in Denver. They have recently created ritual dance theatre works with The Shamanic Dolls, Crescent Dance Project and in The Ballet of Masculine and Feminine Divinities. They have toured with their poetry, stories, and music both solo and in collaboration as Midnight Medicine. Local shows they have been in include Queen City Companion, Punketry and Howl at the Moon. Through their work in Communitive Justice, they are committed to supporting community education, conflict resolution and creative expression.

Terra Iverson is thrilled to be on the South Broadway Press editing team. Originally a businesswoman, her passion has always been in the written word. Ink is an art form, painting your world in the minds of others. The meaning of a word, the structure of a stanza, the moment when you forget who you are because it is all so powerful. Terra loves those moments. She’s often found reading nearly everywhere she goes, even while walking, which she doesn’t recommend.
She has experience as an editor in publications such as Obscura. Terra has had her poetry and play scripts published in Project Yes and Obscura. Terra is also currently working towards publishing her collection of short stories, artwork, and poems. A Colorado native, she resides in a small mountain town with her husband and their two sons.
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Brice Maiurro (he/him) is the Editor-in-Chief of South Broadway Press. He is a poet from Lakewood, CO. His work has been compiled into two collections, Stupid Flowers and Hero Victim Villain. He has been featured by The Denver Post, Boulder Weekly, Suspect Press, and Poets Reading the News.

Huascar Medina, (he/him) Poet Laureate of Kansas (2019-2021), is the Lit Editor for seveneightfive magazine and an Op-Ed writer for Kansas Reflector.  He’s published two collections of poetry Un Mango Grows in Kansas (2020) and How to Hang the Moon (2017). His words have appeared in The New York Times, Latino Book Review and elsewhere.

Joshua Gaydos (he/him/his) is an Editor for South Broadway Ghost Society. He is a self-taught poet that currently resides in Colorado. He has been published in Barren Magazine, Door Is A Jar Magazine, The Lettered Olive and The City Quill. IG: @jgwrites22