david rawson is the fiction editor for south broadway ghost society.

he is the author of a jellyfish for every name and proximity (elj editions). he has been published in such places as entropy, monkeybicycle, and spork press and has received pushcart nominations, one for poetry and one for fiction.






emylee frank is a social media specialist for south broadway ghost society.

She is lost in the stars, shining with the moon.
She is abrupt, though her words are melodious.
She is drawn to images and words. Listens to the heart of others, having a watchful eye for the little things, and acts with all that she surrounds herself with. 

She helps the Denver band Saeva write poems to the sky.
With that she pays close attention to Astrologers including Denver’s own Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings, Aliza Kelly, Annabel Gat, Chani Nicholas, and Jessica Lanyadoo. 
Emylee also her own Astrology/Mystic theme Instagram, @eclipselunairee. The page is currently on hiatus while she works on improving its content. 

Some of her favorite visual artists are Anselm Kiefer, Jackson Pollock, John Kenn Mortensen, Micah Ulrich,  Monet, Pablo Picasso, Rebecca Guay, Seb McKinnon, Twiin Art Co. (Denver Artist), and Vincent Van Gogh. 
Some of her favorite poets include Atticus, Edgar Allen Poe, Emery Allen, Lang Leav, Neil Hilborn, Pablo Neruda, Rupi Kuar, Sylvia Plath, and Tyler Knott Gregson. 

She’s always searching for something intangible… she’s searching for the ghost in all of us. 






brice maiurro is the editor-in-chief
of south broadway ghost society.

he lives in denver co.

he is the founder and former editor-in-chief of
punch drunk press and currently is
the poetry editor for suspect press.

his poetry has been featured by
be about it zine, suspect press,
8th street publishing, 
the denver post & elsewhere.

his favorite writers include
haruki murakami, james tate,
miranda july & warsan shire.

he believes in ghosts.