November | 2018

Photo: @jseigar


Heidi Gonzales | Growing a Pair (of Horns)
R. Gerry Fabian | Lake Effect Snow
Mark J. Mitchell | Blindfold Chess
C.C. Hannett | Hydronicus Invicta
Ghost #3 | Poem #4
Ghost #5 | Tomorrow
Dalton Telschow | Things I Hate: A Process of Progression
Ghost #13 | Three Deaths in Thirty Seconds
Ghost #4 | Sometimes a Building Will Not Let You
Ghost #62 | Maybe I’m a Murakami Novel
Ghost of Esperanza | Nightmares
Margarita Serafimova | Six Poems
Steve Shultz | Spirit Animal
The Ghost of Esperanza | The Haunting
Moira Murphy | Victoria/Artemis/Insinuated
Sam Albala | Thirst | Playing Mini-Golf
Ghost #117 | Have You Been Dreaming Much? | Next Poem
Patricia Walsh | Marks for Perseverance
Bruce McRae | You’re Really Something
Bare Ly | Teenaged Shell | The Pilgrimage
The Ghost of Burroughs | A Thanksgiving Prayer
Ace Boggess | She Said She Dreamt
Maria Berardi | Candlemas
The French Destroyer Bambara | Found Wikipedia Poem #2
Erik-John Fuhrer | Frank O’Hara Apocalypse
Anthony Lawrence | Hoard
D.o.t.B. | The Last Time I Was Awake at This Hour
Bethany Moore | Overflow

Photo: Keith Goldstein


Evan James Sheldon | The Shadows We Make
Glen Armstrong | You Rearrange Men Under the Sea With Your Hands
Dave Owens | Eyes
Mark Blickley + Keith Goldstein | Han’s Solo
James H. Duncan | Hopper House


Howie Good | Four Hybrids
Linda M. Crate | Remembering to Dream
Nathaniel Kennon Perkins | Put Me on a Dog Leash and Make Me Eat Taco Bell Off the Floor


Brice Maiurro | Fall Horoscopes