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South Broadway Ghost Society is an online literary and arts journal, showcasing writing and art. We are proud to be from Denver, Colorado.



Online submissions are currently open.

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What We Look For

We are not a horror journal. South Broadway Ghost Society as a name speaks more to the way things remain even after time has passed.

South Broadway is in reference to the South Broadway region of Denver, a long-wide strip of road that dives straight towards downtown Denver. South Broadway is lined with eclectic shops ranging from sex shops, to anarchist book stores, to local craft breweries, to dive bar concert venues. South Broadway is gritty, it is alive, it’s the kind of neighborhood where you will see the same faces again and again. This sense of inclusivity and eclectic attitudes has been a large influence on the tone of our journal.

Writers and artists of color, as well as LGBTQIA+ folx are highly encouraged to submit. As a journal, we understand that the United States, as well as much of the developed world, has been created as a white patriarchal Christian heterosexual capitalist landscape, and this has been oppressive and violent for a long time to many groups of people. Part of our mission is to challenge these doctrines for better ones. We believe in love, and that love often looks radical during its time.

We believe one of the most important parts of the human experience is storytelling. That storytelling is a major vessel for human growth, one which fosters compassion and empathy. We like pieces that are intimate, pieces that challenge the status quo, pieces that our readers will be thinking about when they are driving home late at night. We believe in creating a rich journal and a space where most everyone feels comfortable sharing their experiences. We like humor, especially when that humor serves a bigger purpose.

Thank you for considering making our journal a home for your work.


Please send submissions to

We accept pieces of the following genres.

Fiction/Non-Fiction/Essay/Reviews: 2000 words or less. Submit up to three pieces.
Poetry: Up to 8 pages. Maximum five poems.
Art: Submit up to five pieces.

We also like work that does not fit neatly into any of these boxes. Give us your experimental work, your prose, your hybrid work, we will take a look at most things.

We are not currently accepting submissions for full-length manuscripts.

Please follow these guidelines if you would like us to consider your work.

  1. Please title your email with your name and the genre of your submission:
    i.e. Casper Marley – Poetry or Bobby Darnall – Art
  2. Please provide the following information in the body of your email.
    1. Name
    2. Names of the pieces of you are submitting
    3. Social media names/links
      1. Facebook
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      3. Instagram
    4. A third-person bio
    5. A headshot/ photo of you

Please submit all writing as an attached .doc or a .pdf.

Please submit the highest resolution art you are able to.

Please send submissions to

Please allow three to six months for us to respond to your submissions. We do accept simultaneous submissions. We will not consider work that has been featured previously on another journal or a personal blog.

Full-Length Manuscripts/ Books

At this time, we are not soliciting manuscripts for publication as books.

Author’s Rights

South Broadway Ghost Society retains first publishing rights on works published in print or online. Publishing rights revert to the author upon publication. If your work has been accepted for publication in an anthology after being published in South Broadway Ghost Society, we simply ask that you credit South Broadway Ghost Society as the original publisher.

South Broadway Ghost Society is unable to pay our contributors at this time.