Editor Interviews | Brice Maiurro

Brice Maiurro (he/him) is a poet from Earth. His work has been compiled into two collections, Stupid Flowers and Hero Victim Villain. He has been featured by The Denver Post, Boulder Weekly, Suspect Press, and Poets Reading the News. www.maiurro.co

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

John Lennon

What does this quote mean to you?

I think about this quote just about every day of my life. It’s so easy to get swept up in any moment into what seems so important, while those little things fly on by. Recently, I took care of a dog, a great dog, Garbanzo, while my friends were in the process of moving. I’ve never had a dog, I grew up with cats, and I was very excited. I felt like a little kid the whole time, taking him on walks, chasing him (or having him chase me) around the house, taking weekend naps curled up beside him, it was amazing. I work from home like a lot of us and analyzing business processes for a solar company felt really important until I’d look over and see Garbanzo, belly up, requesting a few good belly pats. Every day at work I told myself there was no time for me to go on a walk, but when I was watching Garbanzo, I was outside, bundled-up, several times a day and I was so happy about it.

What books have made an important impact on you and why?

Radical Dharma by Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Lama Rod Owens and Jamine Syedullah. Since I was maybe 22, the ideologies of Buddhism have always resonated with. I was raised Catholic and that didn’t stick, but Buddhism has always made sense to me. It’s a religion, or ideology, built around intentionality and compassion. There’s a lot of wiggle room to find your own way within the forests it offers you. Especially something like Zen Buddhism, that often has an attitude of “always do this… unless it doesn’t work for you!” I appreciate the grey space, but found myself plateauing in my Buddhism over the last couple years, as with American Buddhism comes a lot of white people feeling kind sitting on a yoga mat while there’s big revolutions going on outside of its doors. Radical Dharma busted open those doors for me and showed me this new beautiful intersection of anti-racism with queerness with Buddhism. That you have to take your Buddhism practice into dismantling it all.

Lama Rod’s experiences of rejecting his Christian roots really resonated with me. He found he had a lot of anger, but opted to say “this isn’t for me” rather than “let’s burn this to the ground.” Rev. angel reminded me the ideas of existing in a state of not having all the answers, and expanded my ideas of queerness beyond gender and sexuality into a larger realm of seeing how binary thinking is so pervasive in the smallest microcosms of our culture to the very large interlocking systems of oppression that we should collectively disrupt and transition to a better place. Radical Dharma reminded me that our liberation is a collective liberation and we all have to use the tools we’ve been given to work together.

What is the value of writing and art in the current state of the world?

I see it all as storytelling. In many ways, we all exist in silos. Storytelling is a way to peek into someone else’s silo, maybe inch their silo a little bit closer to our own. Storytelling can be a time capsule, it can be an exercise in compassion and solidarity, and I believe with the right considerations in place, it can be a therapy.

How has writing and art helped to form the person you are today?

I discovered poetry almost on accident. I just was bored and found myself messing around with words. The words led to more words, which led to poetry events, which led to a larger, though far from holistic, understanding of Denver’s communities, and through all of that, I’ve been able to teach things with my words, but what I love maybe more is being the student. I’m very blessed, in considering all my privilege, that for years I’ve had the chance to be exposed to the writing and art of so many people unlike myself. That continues to challenge me.

As for my writing now, writing is best for me when it’s fun. When I’m having fun, I feel like I’m doing something well.

What is something that matters to you?

Kindness matters to me. Small gestures that set the tone of the world we deserve to gift each other. Goofiness is a virtue of mine, sincerity. Cooking matters to me. I love that cooking offers me this chance to spend time by myself in the kitchen, and then share the rewards of that time with the people near and dear to my heart. My partner, Shelsea Ochoa, matters to me. She challenges me to do more and be more, and especially to be myself more.

HOWL – Charles Dalton Telschow

“HOWL” by Charles Dalton Telschow

When the echoes of your neighborhood fall silent, and the wind chimes stop ringing,


There is a time for inhalations and exultations.

Do not forget we are living in history, please make your contribution to the textbooks thoughtfully.

Scribble in the margins of love and hangman’s noises and spirals that go all the way past the page, and remember the process of history that has brought that page into your presence. The tree that fell and was peeled layer by layer and chemically repurposed, to hold your thoughts for you. The weight of its death as it holds the heaviest of your breaths. 

And your breath is so heavy these days. So heave it towards the moon and howl because it’s 8 PM, and this is Denver. We are the echoes that do not fall silent, the porchlight that does not burn out, the PBR that stays cold, even in direct sunlight. 

So carve your truth into the former flesh of your lungs, but do not think it is any truer than the air you would breathe because of these pages. 

How generous of the trees to give us air, just so we can cut them down and write about how beautiful they were. How selfish of us to not tell of how disgusting we were to the beauty of this world. How dare we rewrite the history of our horrors until it shines, but can’t see ourselves in it any more. Hoarding the grace under generic gentrified graffiti, and masks that do nothing to hide the fear in our eyes. 

Remember the imperfection of tree branches, and how they worry not of straight lines and sterile wounds. 

When the echoes of your neighborhood fall silent, and the wind chimes stop ringing, 

Breathe in.

And howl.

Charles Dalton Telschowis a 26 year old Colorado native who is set to release his third self-published book of poetry, “a constellation of sparks”. He has been performing poetry for over ten years and also has been in the local music scene for almost as long. He has a solo music project called “The Polite Heretic”

This poem is from the Thought For Food anthology,
a poetry collection benefiting Denver Food Rescue.
You can purchase a copy of the book here.

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Thought For Food | Book Fundraiser for Denver Food Rescue

Thought For Food Promotional 1

Today is day one of fundraising for Denver Food Rescue!

South Broadway Press is raising funds for this local non-profit which provides food for those in need in an accessible way. It is extra imperative in times like this with extreme unemployment rates, folks in poverty being under extra duress and limited resources for folks experiencing homelessness.



Donations of $15 or more will receive a copy of our poetry anthology, Thought For Food, which will be out this June.

Please consider donation whatever you can! Even a few dollars goes a long way!

About Denver Food Rescue:

We increase health equity with Denver neighborhoods by rescuing high-quality, fresh produce and perishable foods that would otherwise be thrown away by grocery stores, farmers markets, and produce distributors. With the help of our amazing volunteers, the food we rescue is delivered (often biked!) to Denver neighborhoods for direct distribution at No Cost Grocery Programs (NCGPs). NCGPs are co-created with existing community organizations like schools, recreation centers, and nonprofits that are already established and trusted within the neighborhood, decreasing transportation barriers. Residents of the NCGP community lead the distribution of rescued food, and many also help with food rescue shifts. This participation decreases stigma of traditional food pantries, empowering each neighborhood to create a program that is appropriate for their culture & community.


south broadway ghost society – raising funds for first print journal

00 ghosts


I am starting a gofundme to raise money for the first ever print journal to be distributed by the literary and arts collective I run, South Broadway Ghost Society, and I am asking your help by pledging anything you can to help, big or small.

In the last four months since inception, South Broadway Ghost Society has grown immensely. We’ve already featured hundreds of writers, poets, artists and photographers, many of which right of of Denver, on our online journal, our curated Instagram and on social media at large. We’ve hosted four very eclectic events thus far: a reading at Mutiny Information Cafe, an open mic for letters at the Corner Beet, an intimate poetry/music mashup at Green Lady Gardens and most recently, an art gallery/live music/poetry event out of Thought/Forms Gallery near the Arts District on Santa Fe.

Ghost Society has 100% of my heart in it. I’ve made a commitment to myself to dedicate at least ten years to this project, wherein I intend to continue hosting events and I am very excited to announce, start an annual print journal which I aim to have distributed as largely as possible. Outside of obvious avenues of distribution like local and chain bookstores, I also want to get the journal into metaphysical stores and would love to have tables at events such as the Denver Zine Fest, DiNK and the Curiosities & Oddities Expo. The magazine will be fully illustrated with art and photography featured against works of writing from every genre; poetry, non-fiction, essays, fiction, recipes, spells, whatever finds its way to us.

I am asking for your help to make that happen. Our goal of $999 would make it possible to have the foundation to build up from there, to pay artists who are accepted into the print journal and get going on distribution this October. Thank you for considering investing in this project which means the world to me.

Even if you can’t donate, you can help a lot just by sharing the gofundme page. You can find that page HERE.

Much Love,

Brice Maiurro
Founder/Editor-In-Chief, South Broadway Ghost Society

*Anyone who contributes $50 or more will receive a numbered first printing copy of the journal when it is available in October of 2019 mailed to you, or available for pickup at any of our events. Please include your address in the comments or email your physical address with the subject “Print Journal 50” to soboghosts@gmail.com.

Thank you.

winter horoscopes – brice maiurro

1 horoscope



Your love life is in shambles this winter, Sagittarius. Having lost sight of the importance of your relationship, things will be a bit rocky but don’t fret. For ten thousand dollars, you can franchise a Taco Bell, and then immediately burn it down in a beautiful post-capitalistic display of your undying love for your nearest and dearest. Your lover, enamored by your passion and rationality, will come running back into your arms and peace will be restored in your romantic zones.



We just really are starting to worry about you, Capricorn. The 100-piece puzzle was cool and the 1000-piece puzzle was a good challenge but now you’ve locked yourself in Toys-R-Us for the last sixty-three hours and have been shouting that you are the Banana King of the Taj Mahal and that you demand at least thirty percent more bananas. There’s more to life than bananas and puzzles, Capricorn. Please try and remember that.



This winter, you will decide to travel to a warmer climate and book a trip to Australia. Unfortunately, Aquarius, your plane will fly right over the Bermuda Triangle and come crashing down, leaving you on a mystical island with bubblegum trees and locals that have oversized hands and terrible breath. Mistaking you for Glenn Close, the locals will worship you as a god and offer you truffles and a nice bed. You will graciously accept their offers but these good times can’t last forever, Aquarius. When the real Glenn Close arrives on the island, they will see you for the fraud you are and imprison you in a dungeon where your only form of entertainment and exercise will be a DVD of Power 90, and let me tell you from experience, Aquarius, Tony Horton is super charming at first, but he gets old pretty quickly.

pisces symbol


I’m sorry to say, Pisces, you’re gonna get stuck in an elevator this winter.

That’s it. Just a long winter stuck inside an elevator. Sorry.

aries symbol


It is important to not be too vague, Aries. There are situations you will encounter where there are decisions to be made and you may need to make decisions, or not make decisions. Just remember, Aries. What is most important is that you look at things and say to yourself “why?” and “why not?” Remember what your teachers used to tell you. If things get confusing, you can always find refuge in those places where you best find refuge. You know what I mean.



Be very aware of time this winter, Taurus. Specifically, Morris Day and the Time. Jungle Love may sound enticing at first, but it has some pretty vicious side effects. You will fall in love with a woman named Apollonia this fall and she will treat you like a Prince, but despite how beautiful things are at first, try to take it easy on the echoing vocals, or she may cast a wicked spell to turn you into a symbol.



This winter is a time of adventure for you, Gemini. After being told you do a good Forrest Gump impression at a party, you will assemble a Gumpesque ensemble and buy a shrimp boat and head out into the great beyond with your cat Russell who you’ve renamed Bubba and you will see the world, by which I mean you will be arrested for not having your mariner’s license, but fear not, Gemini. You will make it safely to shore before the cops catch you and then you’d better run. Run, Forrest, run.



This winter you will discover your hidden talent for business, Cancer, upon realizing that you can do quite well in the corporate world by saying “let’s table this discussion” at every opportunity to do so. Over the course of three months, you climb the ranks at your corporate job from lowly peon to CEO, simply through the magic of those four words “let’s table this discussion”. Your TEDtalk is the most viewed TEDtalk of all time and Oprah brings back her talk show just to interview you. Of course, it’s time for your Tom Cruise couch moment, and everyone knows it’s impossible to come back from a Tom Cruise couch moment.



Your confidence is your strength, Leo, so have confidence in everything you do. When you wake up in the morning, say “I am confidently waking up!” When you brush your teeth, proclaim “I am confidently brushing my teeth!” When you are stuck in traffic on the way to your job at the car wash, let the people know “I am confidently stuck in traffic!” When your boss writes you up for being high on the job at the car wash, look him dead in his eyes and say “Doug, I am confidently signing this write up!” and when you get home to eat your Totino’s party pizza and watch Alf in your mom’s basement, do that with confidence too. Alf would want that for you, Leo.



Your Achiles’ heel has always been your anxiety, Virgo, but if you can face your fears, then there is nothing that could possibly stop you. I know that we live in a post-capitalist society where it’s dog-eat-dog and almost the entirety of human experience has been swept up into a veil of fraudulence, but look at the bright side, Virgo. If you work hard, then you can be rich and miserable for a whole different set of reasons. There’s no reason to focus on this strange digital urban landscape we’ve created where humanity is a plastic straw that runs down the sewers to pollute the ocean in a never-ending cycle of destruction. Just remember, your life may be ending one minute at a time, but time is a human construct, it’s death that you really have to look out for.



The world is your oyster, Libra. One sunny day, a man in a pink poncho and uggs will arrive on your doorstep and tell you that you’ve been selected in their random drawing and you’ve won a prize! Ten thousand dollars, either in the form of a giant check or direct deposited to your bank account. Literally all you have to do, Libra, is decide what form you want your ten thousand dollars in. You’ll sit for a minute weighing the benefits of both; you have always wanted one of those giant checks, but direct deposit would be so convenient. You make a pros and cons list while the man in the poncho waits patiently for you to decide. Time continues on. It’s Spring now and you’re certain you’ve almost decided how you want your ten thousand dollars presented to you. The poncho man grows week, having slept now on your porch for months, only feeding on what little flora and fauna he’s been able to gather from your front patio. You sleep on it and keep thinking. You’d hate to make the wrong decision. The poncho man grows weary and in time becomes just a skeleton in ugg boots on your front porch and then dust in the wind. A giant check would be nice, but when will you have time to go to the bank?



This winter may be an emotional time for you, Scorpio, by which I mean you’re a little bit too sensitive this season, by which I mean you cried when your Hot Pockets © finished cooking in the microwave and proceeded to stitch yourself a Hot Pocket © – themed onesie and watch Youtube videos of Hot Pocket © commercials in chronological order, insistent on singing that little jingle every time. Take it easy this winter, Scorpio.

Image result for aquemini


It’s smooth smooth sailing for you, Aquemini, because cool cats like you never ever jump off the funky bus. Just keep your head high, your soul fly and tell the haters see you later, gator. You’re the King of Cool and fresh to death from your blue silk suit to your peppermint breath. Ain’t nobody dope as you, you’re cooler than the polar bear’s toe nails, oh hell yes.

Alright alright alright alright alright.

SBGS December

Brice Maiurro is the Editor-In-Chief of South Broadway Ghost Society. You can find him on Instagram at @maiurro.

Photo: Josh Rangel

fall horoscopes – brice maiurro


Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
Scorpio, you will soon receive an email from a Prince in Saudi Arabia who is in danger of losing a very large sum of money, millions of dollars, if he does not find someone willing to share their social security number and bank information so he can securely transfer the funds for safekeeping. You’ve been burned before, Scorpio, but don’t let your distrust of people stop you from opportunities to live your best life.


Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
Sagittarius, the planets are aligning and now is the time to fall in love. You’ve put a lot of energy into self-care and now it is manifesting as you attract the love of a young suitor. Perhaps a birch tree, or that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry Seinfeld wears the pirate shirt. Either way, you finally have the love you’ve craved for so long, and are ready to have a life-long relationship with a birch tree or an episode of Seinfeld. It’s gonna be really fucking great. I am definitely not lying.


Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
Capricorn, with your rising sign in your third house, you are extra susceptible to the fact that Mercury is in retrograde. Freddie Mercury specifically. Freddie Mercury is in retrograde. It’s really bizarre. He’s climbed out of his grave and is walking backwards around town singing “Don’t Stop Me Now” on repeat. It’s probably best to not leave the house for a few weeks until this all shakes out or until Brian May scares Freddie back into his grave with a terrible solo album called “beating a dead horse.” Be careful Capricorn. Freddie Mercury is in retrograde.


Aquarius (January 20-February 18)
Aquarius, it’s really dope how immediately after cheating on my best friend you sent me those super funny memes. It was really fucking cool, Aquarius. I was so impressed by the way you said we should still be internet friends with that hilarious video of the bear that snuck into the Stanley Hotel. I hope that you don’t get eaten by the bear that snuck into the Stanley Hotel. That would be terrible if you got eaten by a fucking bear. Wishing you all the best this fall, Aquarius, as you travel down a lonely selfish road in life that ends with the emptiest hole in your heart that you desperately try to fill with Hungry Man salisbury steak dinners that you purchase with coupons you clip out of a copy of the Denver Post you stole from your neighbor because you’re a piece of shit. You’re a piece of shit, Aquarius, and your heart is an empty hole that will never be filled by any amount of Hungryman salisbury steak, or whipped mashed potatoes, or weird apple dessert thing.

pisces symbol

Pisces (February 19-March 20)
Pisces, did you know that Kurt Cobain was a Pisces? Well, he was, and if you don’t know who Kurt Cobain was, he was an American musician who shot himself after struggling with heroin addiction, and America decided to largely blame his lover Courtney Love for this, because this country is so delusional in thinking that women are directly responsible for the well-being of the men that they are with that when a noticeably disturbed artist takes his own life, we crucify their partners for not doing the emotional labor of curing someone of a lifetime struggle with mental health, despite having their own mental health concerns that they struggle with or, I don’t know, despite the fact that they are in fact a separate person. Shout out to Yoko Ono, who isn’t just John Lennon’s crazy widow, but also an incredibly talented artist who has created a lifetime of beautiful amazing art.

aries symbol

Aries (March 21-April 20)
Aries, listen to your dreams, specifically that dream where you set a giant pile of dildos on fire. This is the universe’s way of telling you that every orgasm you’ve had in your life is a lie, and that somewhere out there is the orgasm you truly seek. Your soul orgasm is waiting for you, like a sleeping amethyst tiger burning in the dark depths of the grimmest muckiest jungles of the Amazon and to find it, simply purchase a private plane to the Andes mountains of Peru, boogie board down said mountains into the mouth of the Amazon River where you will be met by a killer whale named Gepetto, who will not guide you to your soul orgasm, but will in fact try to distract you from it by sending you “WYD” texts at 2 AM. Gepetto is a fuckboi. There is no soul orgasm to be had with a fuckboi, but also rules are made to be broken. Keep pushing, Aries. Your soul orgasm awaits you, like a sleeping amethyst tiger burning in the dark depths of the grimmest muckiest jungles of the Amazon.


Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Taurus, no sign loves the comfort of a bed quite as much as you, so invest in a state-of-the-art Tempurpedic mattress. The Tempurpedic mattress comes with a SmartClimate Dual Cover System, a next-generation cool-to-touch outer layer and super-stretch inner layer for convenience and comfort, a Tempur-APR Comfort Layer, our most pressure relieving material ever, made for deeper, more rejuvenating sleep and of course the original Tempur support layer, advanced adaptability for truly personalized comfort and support. But be careful, Taurus. Comfort is the death of passion.


Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Gemini, Sunday night you will make yourself a truly lovely dinner of fish tacos with a fresh mango chutney and a side of rice pilaf. Monday morning, having neglected your meal prep once again, you will decide to bring leftover fish tacos to work. While stuck on I-25 on your way to work, you will spend energy convincing yourself that if you microwave your fish at work that it’s not going to stink up the entire office, but you and I both know, Gemini, it is going to stink up the entire office. Has anyone ever microwaved leftover fish, especially from a landlocked state like Colorado, and not completely drowned the entire office building with the lingering scent of tilapia fishdeath for weeks, if not months to come? And really? Tilapia, Gemini? Just spend the extra few bucks on salmon. The office would still smell like shit when you’re done selfishly microwaving it, but at least people won’t know what a classless rube you truly are.


Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Cancer, you are in very severe danger if you do not make efforts to avoid poetry this fall. Tread softly and carry a big stick. Late one night you may have a strange urge to write a haiku, but do not scratch that itch or you will blink only to find yourself living in a 300 square foot studio apartment called The Kerouac where you spend your only remaining money on Djarum blacks and for fun you wander around late at night to Tom’s Diner where you order a water and flip a quarter to the waiter while saying things like “as the spirit wanes, the form appears, man,” and “death is a Beatles song.” Don’t do it, Cancer. Avoid the poetry. Take up a healthier hobby like crying deeply in public restrooms to songs by The Smiths.


Leo (July 23-August 22)
Leo, there are big financial opportunities and romance in your future. Sick of living in poverty, you will decide to leave your home country to see the new world. Upon boarding a beautiful ship, you will have many adventures including drunken-poor-people-dance-offs and car sex. You will meet a woman from a very different class than you and quickly fall in love, but do not fret, Leo, she loves you for you and your mediocre drawing skills. You will be the king of the world, until the ship begins to sink and she doesn’t even offer to share a door with you to keep you warm in the freezing waters where you die of hypothermia. The good news is in another life you will win an academy award for being a furtrapper who sleeps inside of a dead horse.


Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Virgo, you really need to let go of telling everyone about that one time you met Drake at the airport. People are at a point that they are sick of hearing about how you met Drake at the airport, and a lot of us suspect that in reality you never met Drake at the airport. Rather than investing in Drake stories, take some time for yourself. As productive as it may feel to post regularly on the Reddit thread for Ronald Reagan conspiracy theories, it is in fact a distraction from you facing your student loan debt and the fact that you’re 37 years old and work part time at Starbucks. Justifying yourself as a revolutionary fighting against late capitalism with your twenty hour a week job for a major coffee chain is not going to get you as far as you had originally intended. Also, Ronald Reagan had absolutely nothing to do with the blue demon horse at DIA.


Libra (September 23-October 22)
Libra, you’ve been suspecting lately that you are actually a ferret trapped inside of a human body. Trust your intuition. What you may perceive as your friend’s roller hockey league is in fact a civil war between the ferret robot pilots and the hamster robot pilots. Ever since they broke the Dwarfland Treaty of 1812, there has been countless soldiers lost to the bloodshed of rodents for dominion over the Englewood Skate Rink. Do not trust anyone. The rink’s strobe lights are being piloted by a chinchilla named Frank who got his bachelor’s in stage design at RMCAD and is now using his education to partner with the hamsters to create psychological warfare.

sbgs cowskull