glen canyon dam – ghost #909

We’d traveled hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of miles into the deepest recesses of the desert land to see the Bottomless Pit of Babies for ourselves. We all peered down into the abyss, my father holding me up over the edge for a better look.

“See, look over at those ones. They’re trying to climb out. Isn’t that the cutest?”

We all peered down into the seething, teeming bowl of fresh babies–mewling, crawling, naked, red, and raw, faces scrunched and fists balled, crying out for the mothers from which they’d be ripped away, screaming at the fathers that let them go.

Yeah, it was a bottomless pit of babies. That was for sure. And we all saw it. Paid for the pleasure, even.

Oh, and they even set one up for display up there. So we could all see what they looked like, up close.

But it was just a baby.


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figure 8 – fm ghost

We could skate around
the issue like a figure 8
each falling down forever
the holes of a sideways shape

Where would we be
in this infinity dream?
backward into eternity
or forward toward unknown

We could cut our palms, make a pact
to help each other usher change
mix & match our blood
but the colors stay the same

We could do nothing
simply take a breath
swallow all the stones
we’ve placed within our throats

Truth is we tend to complicate things
in most cases make the bleeding worse
from a fight that isn’t there
to wanting the last word to get in first

What would we do if we
were what we claimed to be?
tumble into eternity
or headlong toward unknown

Falling forever

Into infinity

Sideways always shaping

Who we claimed to be