ravenous – veronica love

Lips suck me in closer, as hungry hands met with hungry thoughts grab for a morsel when they crave a feast. Tempered by reality of the looming dawn and day and life and all that comes with being bogged down with that which cloys desire. A moment more.. Or two… Push back the need for separation, hold off on leaving the cornucopia for bread and water. Sirens sing of desire, though we see the rocks below, they still call, and gingerly we veer closer, pulled away last minute by reason when there is a longing to ride with reckless abandon the waves, and say damn we may…we may want to sleep beneath them, it may be worth the crash.. but last minute we steer away… And embrace the cliche of living to eat another day. One more kiss… Remind me of that I already miss..


submit to soboghoso.

spells – ghost of the scarab

she took me to spells and what i mean is
she took me to the edge of her bed
and draped legs on each side of me
lips on each side of me
eyes preying/praying outside of me
tongue pushed inside of me
and she pressed down on top of me
hips swinging billy idol fast beat swing
and immediately i wanted to write a letter
to whatever cosmic collision birthed her
and thank said cosmic collison
for what was truly her work in her
unadulterated presentation of honest soft lips
as dizzy she took me to spells and back to rock
and roll and some more and finding myself pulling
subtly at her clothes with my fingers
and my teeth she demanded me to be honest
with the intentions of my fingers and my teeth and pulled me in
fingers crawling back to you to reach for what lies beneath
and damn damn bangarang clothes strewn true on the floor
each deep breath flooding the floor and each deep sweat
a reminder that sometimes brunch tastes like silk rope
and sweet death and god damn she had me singing baby
straight from my chest and baby, you had me tied down
by your teeth as we started to reach and we started to
reach and we started to end and can you really sleep beside a dream?
wherein you find that there can be so much light in the dark?
and wherein you find that when you’ve been fighting and fighting
and fighting for a sense of reality
that maybe what you’re truly craving
is a taste of magic

she took me to spells
and i died so many times
in the confines
of her room

so soon after she gave me
a sweet tour of the space
she was claiming
as her own.

submit to soboghoso.