we are ghosts.

ghostswelcome to south broadway ghost society, a journal for art and writing.

thank you for attending the inaugural meeting of the ghosts.

choose the crystal ball below to receive your tarot reading.

we hope that after finishing your reading, you’ll take a look around the site, and consider submitting your art to us in the future.

we tend to like art that challenges its audience. some words that come to mind are intentional, playful and gritty.

enjoy your evening.


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Get Your Fortune

thank you to the following people for making tonight so special:
jim norris, matt mega c, byron graham, sam albala, caito foster, lucas henderson, bridget callahan, david rawson, j. mark tebben, claire heywood, dustin whatley, changa hernandez, sarah rodriguez, lewis mitchell neeff, william seward bonnie, jody russell, tameca l coleman, renee marino, brian flynn, ralonda simmons, gwendalynn roebke, josiah hesse and noelle betkowski

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