Writing & Art Contest – The Fool

the fool

South Broadway Ghost Society is an online literary journal and art collective based out of Denver, Colorado. We are currently gathering submissions for our first ever print literary journal which will be out this October. We are not a horror journal. We publish work of all genres.

For its first print issue, South Broadway Ghost Society is running a contest seeking writing and art submissions on the theme of “The Fool”

“The Fool” is the first card (or the last card) of the Major Arcana in a Tarot deck, assigned the number zero. The Fool is traditionally depicted as a young man stepping out over the ledge of a cliff, careless moving forward on a journey. On one hand, the fool represents romanticism and letting your heart lead you where it will. On the other hand, it represents moving blindly forward and not looking before you leap.

South Broadway Ghost Society is running a contest, where the winner will be awarded:
~A first printing copy of the first issue of South Broadway Ghost Society.
~Their piece on the theme of “The Fool”, if selected, will be the first piece featured in print at the beginning of our first print journal.

There are two categories: writing and art. Writing of any genre and art of any visual print median are welcomed in the contest. If you would like to submit to both writing and art, you are welcomed to do so for the $10 fee.

LGBTQIA+ and people of color are encouraged to submit.

The entry fee for the contest is $10.

To enter please click this LINK to submit your $10 entry fee. Please include your name, address and email address during the checkout process.

Please note: General submissions to the print journal and the online journal for South Broadway Ghost Society are free. This contest is specifically to have your piece featured first and the $100 prize.

Once you have submitted your email address and $10 entry fee, please email submissions@soboghoso.org with “YOUR NAME – THE FOOL” as the title of the email.

Please send writing as a .doc if you can.

Please send art in the highest quality format you can.

This deadline to enter for this contest is June 31st.

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