growing a pair (of horns) – heidi gonzalez


I know how to survive
With rats scattered in the attic
Of my head space
I know how to survive
Without a drop of body in water
From the end of a week to chapter 24 of a book
I know how to survive
With people pulling my hair
Spitting in my face because they hate that I am
Can I write myself an end where
Everyone disappears and
Is it possible to write a scene
Where the little girl grows horns
To keep herself safe
From harm
99 highways
99 pathways to take.
I can cross every single one
Letting the ocean wave
Send me on a different way
Past mountains of straw
[*Missing the green parts
Past whining bitches
Who never get enough of spitting in my hair]


Heidi Miranda is a poet that writes about LGBT issues as well as the fight to balance mental health and the ongoing journey of self discovery. Her work is soon to be featured in Harvard’s newsletter, Palabritas. She is currently working on a novel and is active on social media [Instagram: @weepingblueberry].

photo: Vincent Erhart via Unsplash

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